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The Alvin C. York Memorial shoot is held each spring in Pall Mall, Tennessee. Our next (The 31st) event is March 23rd, 2024.

The shoot has been held every year since 1993. The location is a pasture on the farm that was deeded to Sgt. York after his heroic acts during World War I. The farm is now a TN state park.

  This shoot is a reenactment of the over-the-log shoots held and attended by Sgt. York, both before and after the WW1.  For those who choose to participate in the shoot, the dress of the early 1900s is the order of the day. Gentlemen wearing bib overalls sporting very wide loud flowery ties, some may be seen in suits of the day like pinstripe suits and wide-brimmed fedora hats. Ladies, wear dresses that would have been stylish during that period or bib overalls. Period dress is not required to shoot in the match. Shooters range from very young, to senior citizens, both male and female participants. Shooters range from those new to muzzle loading, to the weathered skilled veterans. Regardless of your skill level, the important experience is that fun will be had by all, and a great American hero will be honored.

  Please visit our picture gallery and follow the links to message boards to read more about this event do not hesitate to contact us from our contact page. We hope to see you in Pall Mall, which lies in the beautiful valley of the three forks of the Wolf River.

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